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An incredibly innovative product, the SmartGear 3:1 ratio gearbox makes light work of winding heavy solar covers onto a reel. 

Smartgear Gearbox

Neat, compact and maintenance free,

SmartGear costs a lot less than a new reel and does the job of an electric reel. Essentially, it is easy to both install and use and is made from high quality materials that are self-lubricating and corrosion resistant.

It also makes winding a pool cover onto a reel remarkably easy and it does not matter whether you are a child or a grandparent – you are guaranteed to find it incredibly easy and light to use.

We are confident that once you have tried our SmartGear 3:1 ratio gearbox you will never go back to anything else and with its fantastic reliability and corrosion resistance, you will probably never have to.

If you have a Monaco Reel that still has years of use left in it but  you are finding it harder and harder to wind a cover off the pool, then SmartGear really is a very cost-effective answer.  Easily retro-fitted, it comes with all necessary fixings and instructions. 



SmartGear, retro-fit on Monaco Reels pre Sept 2021 (c/w yoke)

SmartGear, retro-fit on Monaco Reels





All prices include VAT.

Please note:  SmartGear is not suitable for any other make of reel