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One of the most innovative products that we make is the AquaSpoiler, the ultimate leading edge.

Solar Swimming Pool Cover

Essentially, it is an extruded product made from ABS which makes it strong, rigid and buoyant.

Glides through water easily

It works by attaching to the edge of a solar cover and is designed to allow the cover to glide easily through the water while remaining totally buoyant.

Only one central pulling point

It is incredibly easy to install and there is only one central pulling point, which uses a detachable rope that can then be stored safely out of the way.


If looked after and kept clean of chemical deposits, it could be re-useable on future solar covers so represents excellent value for money in the long term.  


Easy to clean

Totally encapsulated so no debris can get stuck in it.  It can be easily cleaned so will still look good.

Less Debris

A standard leading edge can become mouldy and become a breeding ground for bacteria.  After a couple of years it can look tatty with leaves and twigs stuck inside the netting.  Together with the sun damaging it with its harmful rays it can look really ugly on your pool.

However, this is something you will not have to worry about with our innovative AquaSpoiler.

Please note that heat and the wrong water chemical balance could affect the look of the AquaSpoiler.  As with all products, maintenance is essential to prolong the AquaSpoiler's longevity





Small     (pools up to 12' / 3.66m wide)

Medium  (pools up to 16' / 4.88m wide)£296
Large     (pools up to 20' / 6.10m wide)£334